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No-Needle Fillers

Revolutionary gentle dermal fillers are a non invasive, no pain, no needle alternative to injectable fillers.  With instant results and no swelling you can have visibly firmer skin, reduced wrinkles and plumped lips after one treatment.

Nanoblading alternate to Microblading

Nanoblading Eyebrows

Nanoblading is taking the microblading industry by storm.  Nano blades allow for a much more precise brow compared to regular micro blades. A thinner needle allows for a tighter, fluffier brow that will inevitably look 100% more natural.

Mobile Make Up Artist

An exceptional mobile makeup service providing an individual consultative service just for you. Whatever the occasion, whatever the look, using a variety of makeup brands, you will be left with an impeccable flawless finish.


Semi-Permanent Lash Extensions
Introductory Offer £40 for a full set.

Luxe Visage | Mobile Beauty Treatments

Luxe Visage's is a mobile beauty specialist. We specialise in semi-permanent make up. Our services include needle free Dermal fillers, Mesotheraphy, Nanoblading eyebrows and we offer a range of Mobile Make up services.

We use the latest technology which means our fillers are non-invasive and are delivered without pain. The results are instant and effective.

In the surroundings of your own home we can have you looking and feeling your best in no time at all.

Anti Wrinkle

Reinstate, Enrich and Define your features with Gentle Dermal Fillers. Gentle dermal fillers are used to iron out lines and wrinkles around your face, including Crows feet, Forehead lines, Marionette lines & Nasolabial folds.

Lip Volume

With little or no downtime, you can achieve the lip volume you've always wanted. Without the use of needles, there is no unnecessary trauma to the skin so you can return to your normal activities straight away with naturally enhanced lips.


Rejuvenate, tighten skin and remove excess fat. Mesotherapy offers a range of treatments which turn back the clock on fine lines. By injecting vitamins, enzymes, hormones and plant extracts, your face is restored and replenished.

Free Consultations

We offer free consultations at your convenience. The initial consultation can be performed over the phone any time of the day. Following our pre-consultation, we'd need to book you in for skin tests to secure your first treatment.

Nanoblading Eyebrows

Nanoblading is a form of semi permanent tattoo by hand.  It is completed with nano needles rather than a tattoo gun which is kinder to the skin and mimic's a natural hair stroke. You'll get realistic natural eyebrows.

Make Up Artist

Makeup is becoming increasingly popular, more than ever before.  We all want to look effortlessly flawless for a night on the tiles, a special occasion or your wedding day. The best part - we come to you! All you need to do is sit back relax and let us do the work.

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M: 07745 221 233

Welcome to Luxe Visage

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Toxicology and biocompatibility trials have been performed in compliance with the guideline ISO 10993.

ISO 9001
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