Fat Dissolving Injections

Lose up to 36% of stubborn fat cells in just one treatment. Injections that dissolve fat can help you obtain a leaner, more sculpted body shape with results that endure for two to four years. If you keep a good diet and consistently exercise, the results last even longer.

Areas that can be administered

These areas listed are classed as one treatment area. They can be administered every two weeks to the same area. The maximum allowance of fat dissolve is 3 areas in one session, although we personally recommend 2 areas per session to reduce the effects of the side effects. Additional sessions for a different area can be scheduled weekly, but the same area can only be treated fortnightly.

Upper abdomen

Lower abdomen

Upper arms

Inner thighs

Outer thighs


Bra strap/back

Love handles


Looking for a deal?

Body Contour Package from only £75 per session.

To get the most out of your session we offer body contour packages which combine both fat dissolving injections, radio frequency for skin tightening and fat cavitation to aid the breaking down of the subcutaneous fat through ultrasonic ultrasound technology.

We incorporate a session of radio frequency and fat cavitation during your fat dissolving session directly over the treated area immediately after the injections, this boosts the effects of the injections and gets them working quickly, along with breaking down the fats through ultrasonic vibrations.

You are then invited back a week later to receive a follow up session of radio frequency and fat cavitation, we can then see the progress and advise a schedule for your treatment plan.

Fat Dissolving Injections

This is an injectable product, based on natural ingredients which also naturally occur in the body. When injected into the subcutaneous tissue it targets fat deposits under the skin, permanently dissolving them from the body.

These fat deposits are then expelled through the lymphatic system. Although they are permanently eliminated, they can be replaced. That is why it is important to incorporate a healthy diet and exercise to keep them away.

Introductory price Now £50 per area

Fat Cavitation Treatment

Cavitation can assist you in losing weight and inches quickly and visibly. A 3D liposuction technique called ultrasound cavitation safely, effectively, and non-invasively decreases body fat. Without damaging any other cells in your body, we break down fat cells using focused ultrasonic waves.

Introductory price Now £30 per area

Does fat dissolving injections really work?

The effects of this injectable procedure will persist for a very long time. A fat-dissolving procedure can help you sculpt and contour your body while also making you appear thinner. If you maintain a healthy lifestyle, eat sensibly, and work out frequently, the effects may continue even longer than four years.

In terms of the effectiveness of the process, you should be aware that it is a good choice for those who desire the ideal body for the summer.

What are the benefits for fat dissolving injections?

For those who want to get rid of fat pockets, the procedure has a lot of benefits.

  • For individuals who are unable to lose fat deposits by diet and exercise, it is a fantastic option;
  • It is an alternative to surgery;
  • It is ideal for shaping the physique;
  • results that last;
  • One or two sessions are sufficient to see results;
  • There is no recuperation time needed after the treatment;
  • It can be applied to many bodily parts;
  • These injections eliminate fat deposits permanently.

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First time using Laura, both her and her venue were great. Laura understood what I wanted and delivered with care & precision. Will definitely be returning.

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First time using Laura, both her and her venue were great. Laura understood what I wanted and delivered with care & precision. Will definitely be returning.

Treatment by Laura | Eyebrow Waxing
Rachel | 12 days ago

The BEST nails! I always go to Laura for my nails and she never disappoints. So talented and so creative. I would never want to go anywhere else.

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Aqualyx, a brand of injections that dissolve fat, is based on deoxycholic acid. Your body already possesses it. It is an active component that is utilised to specifically target fat cells and start emulsification. After the ingredient is in your tissue, those undesirable fat cells will disappear. You can get rid of them with the aid of your lymphatic and hepatic systems.

This injectable treatment can be utilised on numerous places of your body. Hence, fat dissolving treatment may be the best course of action if you frequently visit the gym but realise that some places are exercise-resistant. Little areas, such as undesirable fat pockets, can be treated. They could show up under the chin. Also, the therapy works well on your hips, stomach, knees, buttocks, and even the area under your chin. Some people get fat deposits on their thighs, ankles, knees, and chest. These components are also treatable.

You must remember, nonetheless, that this therapy does not serve as a substitute for weight loss. So losing those excess pounds requires exercise and maintaining a nutritious diet.

Those older than 60 are not advised to have the procedure. Also, receiving an injection that helps you eliminate fat deposits is prohibited if you are under the age of 18.

You might not be a good candidate for this operation if you are overweight. A doctor should be consulted before scheduling an appointment. You need to eat well and exercise frequently if you want to reduce weight. Only obstinate spots and fat pockets that won’t go away no matter how frequently you work out are good candidates for the procedure.

Also, the injections are not appropriate for women who are pregnant or nursing. No studies have shown that the treatment’s ingredients have an impact on the infant, but we nevertheless advise getting the injections done after you breast feeding.

After one or two sessions, the results will become apparent. To give your body the shape you’ve always desired, it may be essential to have up to 8 sessions. There are additional elements as well that could affect the procedure’s effectiveness. You need to work out frequently to get the best outcomes. After examining you and learning more about your needs and lifestyle, a doctor will make a suggestion regarding the number of sessions required. The amount of sessions may vary from person to person because this treatment is personalised. You must be aware that the sessions should be spaced 3-6 weeks apart if you require more than one injection.