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If you have a niggle with your appearance, you don't like your brows, you have too many gaps from over plucking, you hate your lips because they're not full enough, or you've began to get fine lines that you're not ready for. Luxe Visage can fix those niggles with completely natural looking results.  Its passion, attention to detail and an observant eye that gets that job done.

Here at Luxe Visage the aim is to work with clients expectation and offer a service that will leave you feeling confident and satisfied with the results. Natural looking results, from brow enhancements to lip augmentation is what Luxe Visage aims for, results that will fool the expert eye.

Have you heard of nanoblading?  Well, it is the new microblading, the technique is exactly the same but the tools differ somewhat. Nano needles are what takes microblading to the next level by mimicking a natural hair stroke.  You cannot get more natural looking brows from nanoblading. Luxe works with the existing brow and follow the same pattern of hair growth.  However, if you suffer from alopecia we can replicate a natural soft looking brow from scratch.

Next we have dermal fillers, everyone has heard of them, everyone is skeptical, but what is you were told you could have pain free, no needle lip fillers with uber natural results?

Luxe Visage can offer exactly that!  We will add volume, plump and enhance your lips with a non invasive procedure.  The results are instant and compared to injectable fillers that leave you with up to 30% swelling, this technique has minimal swelling and bruising.  Your lips will be exactly what you see when the treatment is complete.  This goes for filling your wrinkles, the non invasive approach means you will have immediate results with minimal redness and no discomfort, why would you chose anything else?

And finally, Luxe Visage are not only experts in aesthetics and semi-permanent brows but also pros at makeup artistry.  We have experience in all kinds of looks, for any occasion.  Read the reviews from very happy customers and view our online gallery.

From £110 with voucher only £93.50.

Start your journey with Luxe Visage today over in the Western Arcade. Get 15% off your first booking using voucher code DAY15.

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Save 15% off your first booking today by using voucher code: DAY15

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